One minute setup

With jixmo you can setup any tournament in one minute. You can do so ad hoc if you meet with others spontaneously. Or you can plan your tournaments in advance. All you need is a start time and a title.

Quick step registration

Registration of new users is nicely quick with jixmo. You just type their names as fast as you write it on a piece of paper. If they like they can capture the account later.

 One-click results recording

Directly click or touch in the match plan to record results with one click. jixmo has sports specific input panels which make score entry much faster.

Tournament systems

When setting up a tournament you decide for a tournament system. jixmo has all kinds of round based systems preconfigured. Just choose whatever group or elimination system fits your needs.

Successive match plans

jixmo calculates match plans according to the most efficient utilization of players‘ capacity, court or device availability and other optional constraints. These match plans contain all required information for a smooth operation and are updated in real time.

 Automatic group arrangement

All teams are automatically assigned to groups. The default size is five, but you may configure it as you want. jixmo uses the initial seed for assignment. You can simply overwrite it if needed.

Announce your tournament

Publish your tournament and offer athletes a one-click self registration. They just click a button and you know they’re in.

Individual match plans

When is my next match? You hate that question? Show your athletes real time information about the tournament progress and keep’em informed with push messages.

 Decentralized results recording

While the tournament is running, any participating athlete can enter the results with jixmo. Less work for you! And as an organizer you can correct mistakes if neccesary.